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Our Purpose:

To provide a platform for the towing professional where they can share their stories, concerns, their good days and bad, their successes and heartaches with people who truly understand what it means to be a towing professional and to be a force for positive action within our industry. To enhance the team spirit amongst all towers and foster the knowledge that we are a family and that we take care of our own.

Our Colleagues:

To have a symbiotic relationship with all towing associations and organizations that contribute to the betterment of our Industry.

Training & Education:

To work with and support educational programs that enhance the level of knowledge, skill and safety of the towing professional.

Our community:

To offer a channel of communication between towers, towing associations and others for times of crisis and special needs, as well as a network of communications for services to local communities.

What is Heroes of the Highways?

Heroes of the Highways is dedicated to the professional men and women of the towing industry. Our goal is to see Heroes of the Highways become a catalyst to encourage the building of relationships and the sharing of ideas for the betterment of the towing industry.

In order to do this, we have split our website into three distinct sections. The section you are visiting now is the Heroes Headquarters. Inside the Headquarters you can find: the latest towing news, information about associations and training opportunities, our mission as Heroes of the Highways, and more.

Our second section is the Heroes Hangout. The Heroes Hangout is a fully developed online community specific to our industry. Create your profile, join groups and sign up for events, share ideas in our forums, and form connections with other members of the industry around the world.

The final section of the website is the Heroes Store. This whole venture began because we didn't feel there was enough to choose from to show pride in our profession. We're attempting to rectify this problem. Come into our store and see the towing related T-shirts and other items we've started with. So if you like this website and want to support us, or if you just want an awesome shirt or hat, check out the store.

What kind of merchandise can I find in the store?

Heroes of the Highways is all about showing everyone how important the towing industry is. We've started out with a few T-shirts and other items, but with all of the ideas we have, our inventory will always be increasing. Keep coming back to see what,s new. Got ideas? Submit them here.

Founder & CEO

Heroes of the Highways was founded by a fellow tower just like you. With over twenty years in the industry, Perry Shusta knows about Towing. He is currently President of the California Tow Truck Association, the Founder and CEO of Arrowhead Towing out of the California Bay Area, and is an instructor for the Heavy Duty Certification program within the California Tow Truck Association. Perry has been retained as an expert witness for towing related lawsuits and has consulted for military manufacturers regarding combat zone recovery vehicles. He was instrumental in the re-write of California Vehicle Code 22658 and continues to work on improving towing legislation. However, Perry’s main passion is and always will be behind the wheel of a tow truck.